CastleHost is part of the Comsec Networks Corporation. Comsec was started in 1975 developing Electronic Security Systems in South Spain and expanded in 1982 as a Private International Company dealing in high-end electronics, Software development and Unix Networking by British Founder Paul A.B. Axford. Paul remains with the Company after its Incorporation in January 2006 as CEO of Comsec Networks Inc.

  • Highly professional Networking specialists involved in the Internet since 1991.
  • Small and dedicated ISP able to offer the ultimate personal service.
  • Only the best is good enough. All our servers and resources are top-end.
  • Hosting with Cpanel or Plesk and our incredible ‘one-click’ Wordpress hosting deals.

We are a totally dedicated International team of Professional Developers and Networking Technicians. We remain a fairly small yet powerful Company – mostly due to the fact that we never, never take on more than we can handle. As such we are able to offer highly monitored Network products at fantastic value-for-money. We give exactly what it says on the box – and can fully support all the products we offer.

And we only use the very best resources – never putting all our eggs in one basket :) - so we use three different Data Centers to rack our servers. Our Hosting and VPS servers are racked in the very best Data Centres in Europe in the UK with total power and climate protection and various Network Backbone connections. Our Dedicated server provisioning is achieved through a partnership with two American centres – New York and Miami – both fully protected underground facilities.